David A. Myers

Read the latest of the Mountain Village stories. The Shadow Man finds a retired Mike Holcomb, former sheriff of Marshall County, bored and sleepless on Lake Guntersville. The emergence of a shadowy figure on the nighttime streets of town leads to Mike's return to duty. The trail takes him from N. Alabama to New Orleans and back on a quest to find an answer. Who is he? Who is the Shadow Man?

They are stories that begged to be told. They needed telling. They contain accounts of people, places and events that deserve residence in the literary record. The Page Thirteen novels represent several things, not the least of which is the recording of human travails in times, though golden,  will one day fade from existence. He was there. He bears witness to the events, the places, the people.

"David A. Myers is the one person on the planet who could have penned these stories, because he was there." 

The Novels

  • The Shadow Man (2014)

  • Mountain Village Saga (2013)
  • Mona White's Diary (2013)
  • Katelyn Manor (2012)
  • Chief (2011)
  • Page Thirteen - The Book (2011)